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  1. Thanks for stopping by my page! I’m Jody.
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  2. Hello Sally, so sorry about the long reply time, I did not know how to access this account, my web person disappeared and I just learned all this. We have the mock up version of Wacky Wafers, to most of us they taste great, if you would like some, please call 954-564-2987 if you are not local we can ship you whatever you need until the product is finalized, you would pay only for shipping, the product would be free.:), yay!!!
    until next time, have a SWEET day.
    Antonio aka the Candy Man

  3. thank you Scott, I had a web guy and he is no longer with me and I just learned how to access this account.
    until next time, have a SWEET day.
    Antonio aka The Candy Man

  4. A must visit place in the heart of Wilton Manors.

  5. Are you able to get Wacky Wafers candy here?

  6. I visited this store yesterday for the first time and I was amazed at all the candy. Made me feel like a child again going to the candy store to pick out what I wanted. The selection of candy and items in the store was so amazing it was hard to choose just 1 thing. I love the story behind the store and it’s great name and I can not wait to visit again soon!

  7. This store is amazing. If you have not been there it’s a must on your list of places to shop in Fort Lauderdale. You can’t really explain it in words other than “incredible” and “amazing”. Stop by! A great place to buy unique gifts, cards and the most complete supply of candies and chocolates on the planet. The owner is a great guy as well…

  8. David Hernandez

    Our family has been to the store many times and each time it’s full of fun and great memories. We have found really cool items that you cannot find anywhere else. The candies are awesome , specially the selection of sugar free chocolates.
    The owner Antonio is a fun person that keeps us laughing when we visit and gives excellent customer service.
    Wishing you continued success.
    from the Hernandez family

  9. I loved the store so much! The selection of candy and pops is crazy. Not to mention the wonderful staff. Antonio you are quite the character. I can’t wait to come back next year!

  10. Antonio, it’s that time of year again, friend!! I will be in soon to pick up some wonderful candies to give as holiday gifts and of course, cannot wait to see what types of marzipan you’ve ordered this year!! Love the store, love you and warmest wishes for a beautiful Christmas – MUAH, Ingrid

  11. Hey guys! bear hugs from brazil! i know you have some xmas ornaments and i would like to buy some, is this possible online? thanks!!

  12. I was in your store over the Thanksgiving holiday and bought some Mon Cheri (chocolate covered cherries). They are a big hit at my workplace. Talk about a kick.
    This is a MUST place to visit in Fort Lauderdale–Wilton Manor area.. They have a great collection of old time candies, around the world candies, cookies, retro items, cards, etc.. I must say the staff makes the visit memorable. If you have a question about candy, they have the answer. I remember getting most of the candies at our local grocery store back in the 70’s. The memories you bring back are priceless.

  13. Hi Chris, just saw this :(, thanks for taking time to review the store. I am so glad that it brought/brings back childhood fun memories. until next time, have a SWEET day.

  14. Hello to the LaPorta Family, thanks for reviewing the store. I am glad when people enjoy it as much as i do. until next time, have a SWEET day/night.

  15. Thanks for the review, I will forward you that GREAT candy pic of family. thanks n have a SWEET night.

  16. Brought the family in tonight and had a great time. Everybody was happy and all the stuff we got was good. Will definitely be back!

  17. Lauren and Joy LaPorta

    Had another great visit to the most fun place in South Florida! The kids love it…we do too! Nothing like this in Jersey!

  18. Hi Luis, thanks and glad it brought/brings back so many happy memories, hopefully they are good n SWEET. Antonio your Candyman.

  19. Thanks Cassi. Antonio your Candyman

  20. Hello Wesley, sorry it took 4 years to reply, but these message just appeard tonight ??? no clue, but thanks for such a great review. hopefully you have returned and until nex time, have a SWEET day!. To The Moon Staff.

  21. Hi Sharon, we just recieved these messages, I have no idea where they have been. 4 yrs later :), I hope you made it back for the bag, which we still sell, and hopefully you got your Moon Pie gift pack, now we have 4packs with both in one holder, ill post pix this week on website. thanks and until next time, have a SWEET day!, To The Moon Staff.

  22. Hi Nikita, we just got these messages, don’t ask :), cuz i have no clue, but here I am now, thanks for liking the store, RIOT is what I am :), hopefully you have been back for more fun and treats, make sure to let me know who you are. and until then, have a SWEET day.
    Antonio your Canyman.

  23. Hi Jim, glad you took time to write, to be honest ,I just had a new website done and I just recieved these messages now :(, Glad you found your way To The Moon and glad you enjoyed our selections, as far as PBC, prob not :(, this way you get to take a drive and see all the drama in Wilma :). well hope this finds your day SWEET and speaking of, hopefully you have made it back and until next time, have a SWEET day. To The Moon Staff.

  24. Hello Lisa, just got these messages, dunno, don’t ask cuz i have no clue :), hopefully we had whatever the candy was 3 yrs ago :), and hopefully you have been back, dunno either, dunno anything except it’s time to close :), until next time have a SWEET day!, Antonio your Candyman.

  25. Hello Gayle, I just got a new website and all of a sudden I got messages from over 2 years ago, sorry :(, but glad you took time to write about us. Our Salted Caramels are the bomb and everyone is addicted to them. the homemade buttermints are too die for also. thanks n until next time, have a SWEET day. Antonio your Candyman.

  26. Hello Irma, just saw these messages :(, thanks for the kind words and hope you made it back to see us. Until next time, have a SWEET day!
    To The Moon Staff.

  27. Hello Kay, these messages were hidden somewhere, we have a new website and all of a sudden these appeared ?? , I am glad we could help with the good sweet memories, and hopefully you made it back. until next we meet, have a SWEET day. To The Moon Staff.

  28. Hello Sally, glad you had so much fun just saw these messages as this is a new website and they must have been in limbo, dunno :(, but hopefully you made it back for those Pearson’s, they are so yummi, now 60% cocoa – so even better. :), until next time, have a SWEET day! Antonio your Candyman.

  29. Hi Melissa, thanks for the kind words and the time to write them, until next time, have a SWEET day! To The Moon Staff.

  30. Hi Ricardo, sorry, did not see any of these messages, I just started using this new website and it does not alert when a message is in the box :(, If I can help with Chocolates please email us @ thanks, Antonio your Candyman!

  31. Hi Charlie, thanks for taking time to wrote, To be honest I am not looking to franchise (at the moment), I enjoy having one store run the way I want it to be run and everyone get the hands on customer service that we provide. I’ll keep it in mind though. thanks and until next time, have a SWEEt day!, Antonio your Candyman.

  32. Hi Cassi, thanks for taking time to drop us a line, LOVE Carol, and she loves those Coconut Creme Eggs also :), she also loves Clark Bars as much as I do :). Glad Carol is keeping you sugared up!!, until next time, have a SWEET day!. Antonio – your Candyman.

  33. Thanks Cassi. Your Candyman – Antonio, have a SWEET day!!

  34. Hello Luis, thanks for taking time to drop us a note. It makes me happy to know I have made you relive n remember the good ole days!!. thanks and until next time, have a SWEET da!, Antonio a.k.a. your Candyman.!

  35. Hi Chris, i just started using this website and only figured out to reply to comments, sorry :(, but I am glad you had fun n memories came flwoing back, btw is Joe & Flo’s still in Chicago, I go every May for the Candy show.Well until next time, have a SWEET day!!,
    Antonio a.k.a. Your Candyman!

  36. Bring’s back memories when i was a kid hunting for that penny candy at Bills market in St.Clair shores,Mi. Or memories at my grandpa’s store in Chicago-Joe & Flo’s. Thank’s for bringing back all those good tasting SWEETS! Keep up the good work! Chris

  37. Brings back child memories when I go in the store.

  38. Love your candy.”

  39. Just received the dark chocolate coconut cream Easter eggs that Carol Jiones bought at your store and sent to me. Cannot wait to cut into them, however I will. Love your store. Carol always brings me treats when she comes to visit in California!

  40. Antonio love your store l’m in Ontario,Canada and l have a major sweet tooth. I think you could fix that problem. Her is what l want to ask you I’m looking at retirement in Arizona
    If you know anything about that state well a lot of retiries, who mostly love chocolate. Would you be interested in a franchise deal or would l need to buy you out and have you run that outlet for me and l run the one in Arizona.

  41. hey Im ricardo peruvian friend of johns.
    i would like to order some do I do it.

  42. Love, love this place! Super friendly and very helpful staff!

  43. Had so much fun in your wonderful shop on Saturday afternoon. The candy that I bought to send to my sister? Gone! I’ll be back, and thanks for the Pearson’s King Size Mint Patties!

  44. Was in ur store in April this year, brought back a lot of memories. Really neat place, will come again when I am in town.

  45. This is a MUST place to visit in Fort Lauderdale /Wilton Manor.. Fabulous collection of chocolates, cookies, retro items, cards, etc.. friendly and helpful.

  46. My favorite candy items are the salted caramels and homemade in PA buttermints. They have candy from so many differant countries; a European gustatory vacation all in one stop. The owner can answer any candy question in a heartbeat.

  47. OK HUNE!! its cooler out… halloween is just around the corner… you must have our treats in your awesome store!!
    Have a grrrr8 day…

  48. This place is AWESOME!!!! My partner and I live in the northern part of Palm Beach County and decided to take a trip to Fort Lauderdale this past weekend. Our stop in Wilton Manors directed us to this store. My partner was excited to see all the types of candy he remembered as a young child back in Philly. I only recognized some of the names that I remember back in the old days of TN. My eyes were only fixated on the ’milk chocolate pecan turtles’. Needless to say, we bought some candy, we ate some on the way home last night, I had some this morning, and I just finished my last two pieces right now. So my question is….how long will it take to a store up here in Palm Beach County???

  49. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this store????? The stuff they have will blow you away, I mean I cant believe the selection of candy, gifts, and OMG you have to talk to the owner Antonio, HE IS A RIOT

  50. Hi.. My Aunt and I were in your store on Sat. Oct.9th, 2010. We had SOOOOO much fun. I will be back to purchase the Michelle Obama bag!! The Peanut Butter Bars and other small candies we got are really Awesome!! Hopefully you will have “Moon Pies”, you only has the ones attached to the RC Cola. Well, thats for the great experience and the Guy running the Store is Cool… See you soon..

  51. This is the most unique and fun shop in fort lauderdale or even broward county. I love the service i received shopping here for gifts for a friends birthday and always enjoy going back, every visit is enjoyable , a very fun worthy side trip for anyone any age coming to ft lauderdale!!

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