Our Sweet Story

Where does the name come from? What does it mean? Who are they? Well can we talk? Remember the honeymooners? Of course you do… Ralph &Alice, Brooklyn, The bus Ralph drove and “To the Moon Alice!!”

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Antonio the Proprietor of To The Moon Marketplace and here’s the story behind the name:

My Mom and Dad are named Ralph & Alice. We are also from Brooklyn. My sister’s husband, when just 18, started working for the bus depot in Brooklyn and is now the superintendent. It just so happens to be the Jackie Gleason Bus Depot. All a little too coincidental, so I decided to call my store To The Moon. And what a great name for a place that has some of the greatest stuff under the moon.

This has to be one of the most eclectic stores you will ever find, from nostalgic candy to gourmet foods. We sell wines, cheese, pates, novelties, greeting cards, magnets and so much more. We have goods from over 60 countries and a huge selection of nostalgic candy from the days gone by.

Many of our items are imported directly from overseas. Our newsstand has current magazines and papers from New York and England.  There is fabulous chocolate from over 50 countries. You’ll find sugar free and Low Carb products that taste great. Many items have won the N.A.S.F.T. award (National Association Specialty Food Trade), which is like winning an Oscar.

We opened February 15th 2005 and EVERY single customer that has come through the door has praised the store as one of the best. Here are just a few of the comments “Unique, Fabulous, Outstanding, Just what Wilton Manors needed”, so come in and see for yourself.

Lots of tastings, samples, just ask about a product, staff is very knowledgeable. Great giveaways each month – baskets, gift certificates, etc… Something for everyone all ages, all genders. Do not miss out it’s truly a great store. BTW, my real first name is Ralph, don’t tell anyone, shh…

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