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June 4th, 2016
We were just featured in the Broward/Palm Beach New Times 15 Best Specialty Food Markets…
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Some new items have been arriving n this is just a sample, we have received over 200 new items!!


February 16, 2014

Hello to all my customers, friends, family, etc…


It was 9 years ago that I saw the space here @ 2205 Wilton Drive and said hmm, that looks like a great spot to open a store. A little story you may or may not know about me.  I had run a business in South Beach for 10yrs which was great and it was like my own store, absentee owner n wife for the most part, so I kind of knew what I was doing in the retail biz. It was a little different, not as much candy or kitsch but more gourmet n sundries. With all the knowledge I knew I decided to go for it, and with the help of a very close friend I signed a lease, now if it were not for this friend I would probably still be working in South Beach, and commuting to the drive (OCEAN) was getting insane. This friend is still a close part of my life and still helps when I need a document proof read or other craziness I have going on J, thanks FRIEND!!.  Opening week was a little scary,  I was almost in tears with the sales. I knew what I was doing but the people were not coming in, then BAM it took off and 9 years to this day the doors have been open. I wanted to take the time out on this busy Saturday morning (of course at the store) to write a little (long) note to all of you who have supported To The Moon, whether it thru purchasing something, reading documents, telling others or just listening to my rants (a few) and THANK YOU. And I hope to see all of you for at least another wonderful 9yrs.

Ps. We only had half the amount of inventory and always had the accountant yelling at me to pull back on the spending, you see here no one tells me , almost triple the amount of inventory.



February, 2014

Well this is my first attempt at trying to write updates on my website, thanks to my good friend. 2014 and Valentines is just around the corner, make sure to stop by to see some AMAZING selections made by me for you n your loved one.

Dark Chocolate Heart   hearts-glamour-480x275.jpg

A heart-shaped shell of dark chocolate surrounds a soft, raspberry ganache center graced with delightfully subtle hints of champagne and cognac notes, packed in a modern red n brown box.


The Original Buttery Terrapin with milk chocolate, pecans and smoky caramel. Packed in a modern red n brown square box – these are the BEST you will taste, (sold all year).

Solid chocolate hearts in milk or dark wrapped in toile, as well as Giant Solid Chocolate Lips and so much more……



October 23, 2013

Well, it’s been a while, but To The Moon Marketplace finally has a nice new modern website. Check back often to read up on everything new happening at the store, and current events around Wilton Manors. Have a Sweet Day!

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